Ms. Trina: A wife, mother, and new resident of Farrell. Newest member of Team Stey is from New York. Officially a Circulation Clerk, unofficially our Children's Librarian. Ms. Trina has put hard work into our Children's Room and every week does a virtual Story Time. She also created a Children's Education DVD Section.

Mr. Gary T.: Born and raised in Farrell and a Farrell Alumni. Mr. Gary has deep roots in the Community. Officially a Circulation Clerk, unofficially our "TECH GUY," Mr. Gary helps patrons with all kinds of tech problems. Mr. Gary has a unique position of also taking care of our building as his second job. We may have to share him with Sharon, but he's OUR GARY!

Ms. Tracy: A fellow Farrell Community member and Farrell Alumni. Ms. Tracy is a patron favorite with her deep roots in the Community. Her creativity brings a brightness to our Library. Officially a Circulation Clerk, unofficially our Project Coordinator, Ms. Tracy loves sharing her inspirational ideas with adults and children alike.

Ms. Abby: Fearless leader of Team Stey, for the last three years. Being a part of the Farrell Community is always her forefront mission. Takes the time to know our patrons and always ready to help. Her creative skills has allowed her to transform our Community Library. She has monthly adult craft virtual programs. Come to our Library and see how hard our team will work for you. All thanks to our TEAM LEADER.