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General FAQs

Do you have WiFi?
Yes we do.  And it's free, too.  Help yourself.


Can I print from your computers?
Yes.  Printing is $0.25 per page, and only in black and white.  


Do you offer copy and fax service?
Yes we do.  Please call or check with staff about pricing.  


How do I renew material? 
Most items may be renewed in person at the library, over the phone, or online by logging in to your personal library account.  Items can be renewed only once, for an additional 3 weeks.

If another patron has reserved an item, the item cannot be renewed.  DVDs and e-readers may not be renewed.  ​​

I could use a snack.  Do you have anything to eat?
Sure!  We have chocolate bars from Philadelphia Candies for $1.  And we also sell coffee, tea, and hot cocoa for $1 per cup.  And that money directly supports the library!


Do you have meeting space available to rent?
We have a large Community Room that we use for programs and events, but it is also available to rent for your functions at a modest cost.  Please contact the library for more information and availability.  


I don't live around here. Do I have to pay to use the library?
​The Community Library of the Shenango Valley is a non-profit organization that provides library services to various communities. Currently, the communities who provide funding for the operation of the library are the cities of Sharon, Hermitage, and Farrell. As a result, only residents of Sharon, Hermitage and Farrell receive free memberships. Residents from anywhere else may become members for a $35 annual fee. Please note that this fee is per household, and not per person. Also, some communities will refund a portion of this fee to their residents (e.g. Sharpsville and South Pymatuning will refund half of the fee with a receipt).

Also, anyone who lives in another community that has their own library (e.g. Farrell, Grove City, Greenville, or Mercer) can join that library and then join the Access Pennsylvania program. That program allows residents of communities in PA that have their own library to also join ANY library in the state, for free. 

We wish that it was possible to provide services free to everybody. Unfortunately, because of the way in which we are funding, this is not the case. Our resources are severely limited. Perhaps someday there will be a county-wide system that would allow all residents of Mercer County to receive free library cards.  In the meantime, if you live in a community that does not currently support a library, then we encourage you to urge your community leaders to consider supporting your closest library.

How do I get a library card?
​The Community Library of the Shenango Valley provides service Free of Charge to residents and taxpayers of Sharon and Hermitage, PA, as well as all Access PA cardholders from other libraries.  Nonresidents can become a member by paying a $35.00 annual fee, which covers all family members living in the same household.  
To apply for membership or renew your membership, please provide staff with a state-issued photo ID and proof of current residency.  We will accept the following residency verification:   
A current and correct PA ID, driver's license, or permit     
Car registration    
Lease/rental agreement     
Property tax receipt   
Official government documents     
Utility bill, paycheck, bank account statement, or credit card bill (dated within 4-6 weeks)  
Please talk with the staff concerning registration for minors 


Can my children have library cards?
Absolutely!  A parent or guardian can sign up their minor child for a library card as long as the child is with them.  There is  no minimum age for a library card, but the parent/guardian of the minor will be responsible for items borrowed on the minor's card.


How much do your programs or events cost?
Most of our programs and events at CLSV are free and open to the public.  The only fee is a materials fee for some of the classes. Occasionally registration may be required if space is limited.  


Can I hold an event or program at CLSV?
We are always looking for new programs or events to have here.  If you'd like to host an event or a program, stop by and ask our staff and we can see what we can do, or contact us.

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