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Our Library is Going for Gold!

What is PA Forward and why are we going for gold? Our library has decided that to better serve the public we are participating in the PA Forward program. Gold will be the highest level star a library can earn and we are aiming to be the best library we can be for you our patrons.

PA Forward is a program that is focused on the five literacies. Each literacy deals with different core public needs. 

  1. Basic Literacy: This is what most people think of when they think of a library. This is helping people with reading, whether you have been a long time reader, or just starting out.

  2.  Information Literacy: This literacy is getting you the information and help that you the patron need. This takes many forms such as Gadget Workshops to help you use your electronic devices to teaching a new craft. 

  3.  Civic and Social Literacy: The library is also trying to help you participate with your government on local, state and federal level as well as allowing new conversations to start. We offer many programs through this literacy such as our Great Issues group, and our tax help programs. 

  4.  Health Literacy: The library is also trying to make sure that patrons have the correct information they need about their health.This may come in the from of Parent Child Workshops or a first aid class.

  5.  Financial Literacy: The final literacy that is addressed in the PA Forward program deals with helping the patron become an informed consumer and helping small businesses get the help they need. You will see this in programs like Insurance 101 and our small business class on marketing. 


What does this mean for you as the patron? All of this means that we will be trying even harder to provide you with the materials and opportunities you may need throughout your life. So come down and check out what we can help you do!

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